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Yellow Naped Amazon (a palliata) for sale

Yellow Naped Amazon (a palliata) for sale

Parents (Mojo and Hope)


Proudly parent raised until fledged and then a further parent raised for three months. Then separated from there parents for direct human handling.


I deliberately raise my young one's this way, as all my parrots know that they are birds and will eventually bond and love thier owners if they warrant this.


Psychologically parent reared parrots do alot better going into adult hood and beyond.


Fledged on the 24/10/23

Won't be released for sale until 24/01/24 


I use a coloured split ring to identify gender and then remove it when the parrot is sold.


Micro Chipping will come with my little darlings, along with DNA certification.


Full parrot mentoring comes with your new companion.



Expression of interest only at this stage until the 24/01/24 and then potencial For Ever Friends will be vetted for suitability.


Many veterinarians and aviculturists are now encouraging breeders to allow the parents to feed and raise them to weaning. Humans are able to help with the care, and as they continue to handle the chicks, the chicks become socialized to humans; thus, the parents are able to fulfill their instinctive reproductive responsibilities.


So all concerned have the best of both worlds.


Adults get to feed and care for their babies, humans don't have the round-the-clock feedings, and babies grow up into healthy, mature adult birds. The result is well-adjusted birds that aren't constantly desperate for their chosen person's attention.

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