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Getting a Second Parrot: What You Need to Know

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Birds can make incredible pets in the correct circumstances. Not all birds tolerate different birds within their surroundings especially when they have been set up there for some time. A few types of birds do well living in groups, while others like to stay as solo birds in homes. Here are a few things to remember if you are considering getting a new member for your home.

Is it really a good idea to get a second parrot?

Many bird owners considering getting another bird do so on the grounds that they are worried that their pets are getting bored and/or depressed. Nonetheless, numerous birds consider themselves to be overseers as herd mates and don't really need to collaborate with different birds, even of similar species, especially in the event that they have been the lone bird in the house for various years.

Step by step instructions to Introduce your new parrot to the first parrot

What I generally do is to introduce the new addition to the home very slowly, setting the new parrot up in their own cage and a few meters away from your existing parrot is a good way to introduce them to each other.

In the event that the first parrot appears all good with this set up, you can have a go at moving the new pet's cage nearer to the first pet's and watch from a distance with how they interact. I'd do this over a period of weeks, especially if they seem to be aggressive to each other?

It is for the most part not encouraged to allow large birds to out around little birds, as greater birds can assault and murder more modest ones in the event that they feel undermined. Indeed, even birds that have come to live joyfully in similar space for quite a long time can quarrel and harm one another whenever avoided alone with regards to their pens. Obviously, all birds should be directed consistently, as well, on the off chance that they are out of their pens and other savage pets, like felines and canines, additionally live in the home.

Extra Tips for New Bird Introductions

Adding another bird to a current bird's current circumstance can be upsetting from the outset, regardless of whether the birds at last figure out how to endure one another or even better, appreciate each other's conversation. It is important that the inhabitant bird not feel like it is being supplanted by the new pet; hence, you will need to give the current bird additional consideration within the sight of the new bird to show the current bird that the enhanced one isn't a danger. You will likewise need to interface with the new bird within the sight of the current bird while giving them both verbal commendation, head scratches and desired novel food treats (that are inaccessible at some other time) so they comprehend that being around the other bird brings beneficial things and not terrible. Great treats to have a go at, contingent upon what the bird likes, are nuts (or almond fragments for more modest birds that shouldn't have a ton of nuts each day), little bits of natural product, a little piece of an unsalted saltine or a piece of entire grain cereal.

Keep in mind, similarly as changing in accordance with another flat mate, neighbour or relative in the house can take us time, acclimating to another group mate can set aside effort for our pet birds. When presented gradually and appropriately, numerous birds can figure out how to acknowledge different birds in their homes over the long run. Bird proprietors need to acknowledge, nonetheless, that there are sure birds who are only not into offering their surroundings or relatives to other people and are in an ideal situation flying performance.

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