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Feather Plucking in Parrots - Pluck No More

Feather Plucking in Parrots - Pluck No More - There is a lot to love about birds, their curiosity, their big personalities, their playfulness. One thing all bird owners love are those beautiful, soft, lovely feathers! Birds love their feathers too, they’re meticulous groomers. Except, when they’re not. Feather plucking is something all birds do and is not an immediate cause for alarm but constant or excessive plucking is a bad sign and needs to be addressed immediately! Feather plucking, generally, falls into two major categories: Medical or behavioral.

Behavior Versus Medical

Medical issues that result in feather plucking can be environmental, such as exposure to chemicals or toxins, fluctuations in temperature and humidity, poor diet, parasites, allergies or infections (viral, bacterial or fungal). Other medical conditions that contribute to feather plucking are obesity, dry skin or reproductive problems. Behavior problems have the same result as medical conditions, a beloved bird with bald patches, bleeding spots and skin infections. Nobody wants that! Here are some things you can do to give your beloved bird a healthy environment, both physically and mentally.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet and make sure the bird has plenty of clean water dishes. Birds need a varied diet of vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Pelleted diets are a good choice and a bird can’t sustain a healthy disposition on a seed diet alone. Seeds and nuts are good for treats or as part of a balanced diet, not part of a stand-alone food regiment. Water and food dishes should be cleaned daily.

  2. Keep the environment complex and interesting. Boredom is a common problem that is easily fixed. Birds are intelligent and need stimulation and challenges. The toys you give your pet should stimulate such behaviors as foraging, problem-solving, shredding toys, toys that hide food, etc. It’s a good idea to change the toys out from time to time and to make sure the toys are not broken or have sharp edges.

  3. The cage. A bird’s cage must be big enough for the bird to spread its wings and simulate flight. A bird needs room enough to exercise and explore. The perches that are placed in the cage should be from natural materials, not too smooth and have different shapes and diameters. Birds feet are one of the most important things that need regular exercise. Bigger is better when it comes to bird cages!

  4. Reduce stress. Birds are not always hardy creatures. They need socialization but aren’t happy in a busy, noisy, high trafficked area. They thrive in light but shouldn’t be in direct sunlight or my a/c or heating units. Did the behavior start when there were changes in the house or environment? Try to keep their cage against two walls, one wall minimum, to give your feathered friend a better sense of security.

  5. Birds require a steady sleep schedule of 10-12 hours of sleep each night. If their cage is in a busy or bright area, covering the cage may not be enough. It might be necessary to move their cage to a darker, quieter area.

  6. Bathing. Birds need to be bathed once a week, but having a bath mister spray and/or a shower perch available for a bird that likes to groom a little more often, is a good choice. Bathing activities make for a good bonding exercise.

For further details of psychological, environmental and genetic factors check out this link below to Wikipedia

Feather Plucking Wikipedia

King’s Cages Presents the Answers!

Keeping track of the depth of your pet’s feather plucking, waiting to see a vet, and going down the list of do’s and don’ts are necessary, but relief for feather plucking can be quick and easy. Using Pluck No More will bring quick relief for both of you and you won’t have to see a naked chicken instead of the feathered up companion you adore.

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Pluck No More:

This homeopathic, safe, natural and herbal liquid formula has been on the market since 2005 and is still the best today! Sold exclusively by King’s Cages, Pluck No More provides quick, effective relief for plucking, biting and screeching. Users of Pluck No More have seen total feather restoration is 5 weeks, and report immediate calming effects after using this revolutionary product. Used by breeders and avian experts, Pluck No More treats feather plucking caused by anxiety, fear, nervousness, loss of appetite, separation anxiety and a wide variety of neurotic behaviors. Pluck No More puts an end to mutilation, screeching and toe biting while being completely safe and a great homeopathic solution. Did you know that Pluck No More is safe for dogs as well? Dogs can become fearful, anxious and suffer from separation anxiety, the same as birds. King’s Cages ships Pluck No More for free to retail customers and is made in the U.S.A. By using this natural, avian safe, herbal liquid you can say goodbye to the “naked chicken” and get your beloved buddy back to the feathery delight that he/ she is!

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